"Migration of Metaphor" Book Cover Unveiled

"Migration of Metaphor" Book Cover Unveiled

Publish Date: 
Friday, February 23, 2024
Center for Critical and Qualitative Studies (CQS)


The latest literary offering from Professor Sumon Rahman, "Migration of Metaphor," was unveiled on February 22, 2024 at the UPL (University Press Limited) head office. This book explores the dynamics of transitioning from rural to urban life and its profound impact on folk music traditions.

During the unveiling ceremony, Professor Sumon Rahman, the author, shared his enthusiasm for the project. He discussed the inspiration behind his work, shedding light on the surprising dominance of the "urban poor" in the music market, contrary to the belief held by many in the middle class. Rahman highlighted how this cultural shift paved the way for the emergence of Urban Folk, a new genre in Bengali music.

Eminent academics, including Emeritus Professor Syed Manjurul Islam from Dhaka University, provided their perspectives on the book. Professor Islam praised the insightful ideas presented in the book, suggesting that it offers valuable insights into understanding the societal changes brought about by the transition from rural to urban life.

Additional commentary from professors such as Geeti Ara Nasrin and Mohammad Azam underscored the significance of "Migration of Metaphor" in addressing broader cultural themes.

Notably, this book originated from Professor Rahman's Ph.D. thesis, reflecting his extensive research and academic rigor.