ULAB arranged a Workshop on the Internationalization of Research

ULAB arranged a Workshop on the Internationalization of Research

Publish Date: 
Sunday, August 13, 2023

ULAB Center for Critical and Qualitative Studies (CQS) and Office of Faculty Research (OFR) arranged a workshop titled as “Internationalization of research at ULAB: Being Visible, Credible & Global”.  The workshop took place at the HARMONY lab of ULAB Research Building on August 10, 2023 as a part of the Erasmus+ HARMONY project.

The workshop aimed to raise awareness about the significance of research among the faculty members. Participants in the workshop included senior and junior lecturers and professors from different departments such as Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). 

The event started with a welcome by Dr. Din M. Sumon Rahman, the Director of CQS and OFR, who discussed the significance of research for faculty members, the importance of publishing articles, and related topics. Then, Dr. Nafees Monsoor, Coordinator of OFR, provided a detailed explanation of research practices, covering aspects like research acceptance, publication criteria, and collaborative research efforts. After that, Md Aminul Islam, senior lecturer of Media Studies and Journalism, shared his personal experiences as a researcher and discussed the motivation behind his successful research journey. He also offered insights into selecting appropriate research topics.

Throughout the workshop, various discussions revolved around research methods, websites for publishing research, article writing, time management for faculty members, the value of research and publications, pursuing a Ph.D., research methodologies, research networking, selecting relevant research topics, and engaging in research collaborations. The participants actively participated in these discussions to gain a comprehensive understanding of research processes.