Understanding Internationalization: Study Visit to Varna University of Management, Bulgaria

Understanding Internationalization: Study Visit to Varna University of Management, Bulgaria

Publish Date: 
Thursday, July 28, 2022
Center for Critical and Qualitative Studies (CQS)

Update on the HARMONY Project

As a part of the HARMONY program funded by ERASMUS, Professor Dr. Sumon Rahman, the director of Center for Critical & Qualitative Studies (CQS) participated in a study visit to Varna University of Management, Bulgaria from 26th to 29th June 2022. He presented ULAB’s process of internationalization at home as a part of this program. He also addressed the opportunities and challenges that will define the future of internationalization at ULAB over the course of this project and raised international support.

During this visit, he participated in capacity-building training sessions on “Digital Storytelling” which will lead to an international student boot camp at the Varna University of Management, Bulgaria next year. This will present an immense opportunity for the students of ULAB to broaden their horizons and immerse themselves in a multicultural and diverse learning environment as representatives of ULAB. It will create a bridge between ULAB and the partner universities and allow the students to experience the internationalization of education.

As per the project guideline, the upcoming plan for the HARMONY project involves the establishment of a FRIENDs Teahouse at ULAB. ULAB has received an ERASMUS grant of $30,000 to develop this facility at the ULAB Permanent Campus. The FRIENDs Teahouse will serve both the ULAB students and international students as per their requirements. It will be a communicative space for both domestic and international ULAB students to develop a multicultural and diverse understanding of education, as well as participate in many different activities. On the other hand, the international students at ULAB will also receive any support they require during their stay at ULAB regarding their studies, health, accommodation, and other specified needs.

In 2021, ULAB joined the prestigious HARMONY program, partnering with ten other Asian and European universities. Under this program, the partner universities will promote educational and academic excellence through study visits, student exchanges, joint research, lectures, and training sessions.